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Dr. Dino Patti Djalal

prof. hasjim djalal

Prof. Hasjim Djalal

Dewi Fortuna Anwar

Prof. Dewi Fortuna Anwar

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Soemadi Brotodiningrat

Amb. Soemadi Brotodiningrat

Najib Riphat

Amb. Nadjib Riphat Kesoema

Jonah Blank

Dr. Jonah Blank

Christinr Tjhin

Christine Tjhin, Ph.D

DIna Wisnu

Dr. Dinna Prapto Raharja


Shofwan Al-Banna Choiruzzad

Our Researcher


Calvin Khoe

Research Associate
Esther N. S. Tamara

Esther N. S. Tamara

Research Associate
Steffani Alivia

Steffani Alivia

Research Associate

Research & Analysis

FPCI Research and Analysis (FPCI R&A) is FPCI’s research division focusing on 6 areas of interest – Geo-Politics, Indonesian Foreign Policy, ASEAN, Cities, Diaspora, and Globalization. Our work is to contribute to the foreign policy development and thinking process. We work in collaboration with policy makers, experts, lecturers, researchers, officials, as well as the public on specific issues and trends. Our product is characterized as a policy-oriented analysis. We also work to enhance public understanding and engagement on international issues through conferences, public discussions, reports and publications.

Our flagship research product is FPCI regional survey – ASEAN-China Survey and ASEAN Peoples’ Perception Survey whereas both surveys participated with 1,500 respondents from 11 ASEAN Countries each edition.

In 2023, FPCI launched the Middle Power Studies Network (MPSN), a unit dedicated to studying the role of middle-power countries in regional and global affairs in the 21st century. MPSN engages scholars, policymakers, practitioners, and relevant stakeholders in middle-power countries and around the globe to explore the trends, the behavior, and the contribution of middle-powers in regional and global affairs. To support this, MPSN conducts daily public forums, track 1.5 and track 2 dialogues, research and analysis publications– among others. For this, MPSN also partners with think tanks and research institutions from all around the world. More about Middle Power Studies Network.

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Corporate Program

Corporate Policy Brief Program

Within the volatile political situation, changes in the socio-political climate and regulatory issues are inevitable. Meanwhile, a series of global issues such as climate change, financial stability, and cyber security creates an even more complex business environment. Companies are faced with the critical challenge to adapt with the current situation. The vigorous growth of a company owes much to the right strategy in pinpointing risks and opportunities and the response towards the economic and political situation.

As an organization devoted to international affairs, FPCI is taking concern on how to help businesses and governments to better understand and navigate through the dynamics and power play behind the phenomenon in international politics. Entering the new era of structural disruption; governments, companies, and agencies has the need to manage a higher level of uncertainty under volatile political conditions. It is important to not only follow politics as it unfolds, but also to understand its key players. 

FPCI Corporate Policy Brief Program mainly aims to provide a platform for companies in Indonesia to receive policy updates and briefings from Indonesian key decision makers and experts. Under this tailored corporate program, FPCI is committed in assisting companies to not just understand what is happening but to also identify the significance of related stakeholders and map out the key actors behind the power play to help them respond on a wide array of challenges in growing its business in Indonesia.