Interview with Mr. Chhort Bunthang

Mr. Chhort Bunthang is the Deputy Director General of International Relations Institute of Cambodia (IRIC). Prior to serving at the IRIC in 2006, he had served at the Institute of Culture and Fine arts of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, and the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Royal Academy of Cambodia. Mr. Bunthang is experienced in teaching and researching on his expertise surrounding philosophy. He has been assigned as the Head of Committee of Philosophical Technical term of National Council of Khmer Language.

Interviewed by Calvin Khoe

Calvin Khoe is research associate and program development at the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI). His research interests surround Indonesian foreign policy, geopolitics, and Southeast Asia. He is also the program coordinator of ASEAN-China survey since 2020. Prior to FPCI, Calvin was a research assistant at the Indonesian Institute of National Resilience (Lemhannas RI). He assisted Indonesian National Security Fellows at Canberra, Australia (2017).

FPCI Policy To Watch – Cambodia’s ASEAN Chairmanship: Understanding Cambodia’s Way for Myanmar

The Myanmar conflict has been turned into a multidimensional crisis of politics, security, economy, health, food, and many more. The 5-points consensus agreed by ASEAN leaders at the Jakara Summit in 2021 is expected to be the prescription principles to address the crisis and to facilitate progress on peace and reconciliation. Unfortunately, after one year since the coup d’etat, we have not seen any significant progress on the ground nor a change in behavior from the Military Junta.

As Cambodia’s took the chairmanship of ASEAN and the recent visit of Prime Minister Hun Sen to Myanmar, what is Cambodia’s plan for Myanmar? What is the rationale for Prime Minister Hun Sen’s visit? What is the precondition for talk between the parties concerned? What is the Cambodian perspective on the slow progress of the five-point consensus implementation? What is wrong?

FPCI Research Associate and Program Development, Calvin Khoe, interviewed Deputy Director General of the International Relations Institute of Cambodia (IRIC), Dr. Chhort Bunthang, titled FPCI Policy To Watch: “Cambodia’s ASEAN Chairmanship: Understanding Cambodia’s Way for Myanmar”

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