Interview with Dr. Siswo Pramono

Dr. Siswo Pramono is the Director General/Head of the Policy Analysis and Development  Agency (PADA) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) of the Republic of Indonesia. Dr. Pramono has served in the diplomatic service for the Republic of Indonesia in various capacities. Previously, he was the Deputy Chief of Mission, Indonesian Embassy in Berlin, Germany; the Director of the Center for Analysis and Development for Asia-Pacific and Africa regions; and the Advisor to the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Indonesia to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in the Hague. Dr. Pramono obtained a post-graduate Diploma at the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, a Master of Law degree from Monash University and a Ph.D in Political Science from ANU in 2003.

Interviewed by Calvin Khoe

Calvin Khoe is research associate and program development at the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) since 2018. His research interests surround Indonesian foreign policy, geopolitics, and national security. Prior to FPCI, Calvin was a research assistant at the Indonesian Institute of National Resilience (Lemhanas RI). He assisted Indonesian National Security Fellows at Canberra, Australia (2017).


Since the announcement of the Outlook in 2019, people are wondering “what is the next step of ASEAN and Indonesia’s (as the initiator) strategy on Indo-Pacific?” Today, countries such as Germany, UK, France, and Canada are developing their own Indo-Pacific strategy and outlook. The QUAD (The US, Japan, Australia, and India) is getting more align with their first leaders’ summit. How does the AOIP accommodate the multipolar world and geopolitical competition? What is the projection of AOIP in the view of ASEAN and Indonesia? How does Indonesia utilize AOIP? What kind of initiatives has been done or currently in the pipeline since its announcement?

FPCI Research Associate, Calvin Khoe interviewed the Head of Policy Analysis and Development Agency of Indonesian Foreign Ministry, Dr. Siswo Pramono. Dr. Siswo explained the trajectory of Indonesia’s view on the Indo-Pacific and how has ASEAN so far utilized it. He also addressed the implication of the US and China competition to the Indo-Pacific and why the rise of the Asia century has a correlation with the Indo-Pacific.

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