In this episode of FPCI Foreign Policy Tapes, Ambassador Delia D. Albert, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines (2003-2005), shares her invaluable insights on the creation of ASEAN. Hosted by Dr. Dino Patti Djalal, Founder and Chairman of FPCI, Amb. Delia talks about her early career in the Foreign Service and her involvement in the birth of ASEAN. She emphasizes the importance of personal connections and trust among ASEAN leaders in the creation of the organization. The ambassador also reflects on the current state of ASEAN and the need for reevaluating its structure, including the role of the Secretariat. Her emphasis on better engagement with the people of ASEAN and the importance of connectivity and strong internal relationships among member countries provides a roadmap for the future of the organization. Amb. Delia’s experience in the Foreign Service and her involvement in the creation of ASEAN provides a critical perspective on the origins and current state of the organization, highlighting the significance of relationships in international diplomacy.

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