Following the conclusion of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November 2021, FPCI and the UK Embassy in Jakarta is conducting a nationwide online video competition to further promote the outcome of the COP26 and the Glasgow Climate Pact for all Indonesian citizens. This program aims to enhance awareness of climate commitments that countries, including Indonesia, made during COP26 in order to ensure that our leaders act upon those commitments.

The name of the online video competition is “#DearG20Leaders Video Competition”, with its theme being “COP26 Outcomes and What’s Next for the G20 Summit”. This theme was chosen to promote the outcome of COP26 and Glasgow Climate Pact and at the same time, mobilize youth voices to drive ambition for Indonesia to showcase its climate leadership as President of the G20 this year.

Competition Timeline

21 February 2022Launch of the Video Competition
21 February – 18 March 2022Video Submissions Open
18 March 2022Deadline
19 March – 24 March 2022Judging Process
25 March 2022Virtual Ceremony and Winner Announcement
26 March – 31 March 2022*Prize Distribution

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