On 4 to 16 August 2021, in the spirit of climate solidarity leading up to Indonesia’s Independence Day, FPCI and 21 Universities in Indonesia presented “Muda Bersuara 2021: Selamatkan Generasi Emas 2045 dari Krisis Iklim”, a marathon of dialogues on climate issues, led by youths across the country. 

Muda Bersuara 2021 convened 10 dialogues in total, featuring 30 climate experts from notable organizations and institutions in the government, civil society, as well as private sectors. After 10 days of discussions, policy recommendations were formulated based on  insights, best practices, and lessons learned from the speakers. Along with the policy recommendation, 21 Universities from Indonesia issued a Youth and Climate Joint Statement, reiterating their call to actions and commitments for a greener future, in celebration of Indonesia’s 76th Independence Day.

Muda Bersuara 2021 Agenda

Wednesday, August 4th – “Youth Awareness Towards Climate Change: It’s Time to Act”

  • Dyah Roro Esti, House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Putri Setiani, Lecturer at Brawijaya University
  • Nanda Noor, Sustainable Landscape & Business Senior Project Lead of WRI Indonesia
  • Arie Utami, Communications Specialist of Yayasan Indonesia Cerah

Thursday, August 5th – “The Climate Superpower (COP 26): Indonesia’s Challenge in Upholding Its Position”

  • Tiza Mafira, Associate Director of Climate Policy Initiative and Executive Director of Diet Kantong Plastik
  • Gracia Paramitha, Co-Founder of Indonesia Youth Diplomacy
  • Adhityani Putri, Executive Director of Yayasan Indonesia Cerah

Friday, August 6th – “Forest & Climate Change: Addressing Deforestation to Achieve NDC”

  • Dr. Arief Wijaya, Senior Manager for Forestry and Climate at World Research Institute (WRI) Indonesia
  • Anggalia Putri, Knowledge Management Manager at Yayasan Madani Berkelanjutan
  • Bimo Dwi Satrio, Senior Research Officer at Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

Saturday, August 7th – “Tackling Climate Crisis through Gender-Responsive Policy”

  • Dra. Lenny Nurhayanti Rosalin, Deputy for Gender Equality at the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (MoWECP) of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Abetnego Tarigan, Deputy Chief of Staff of Human Development Affairs at the Executive Office to the President of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Cynthia Maharani, Climate Research Analyst for Climate and Forest Unit at World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia

Monday, August 9th – “Towards a Low-Carbon Energy Transformation for Indonesia”

  • Adhityani Putri, Executive Director of Yayasan Indonesia Cerah
  • Tata Mustasya, Regional Climate and Energy Campaign Strategist at Greenpeace Southeast Asia
  • Deon Arinaldo, Program Manager at Energy Transformation Institute for Essential Services (IESR)

Tuesday, August 10th – “Climate Action Responsibility: Between Private, Civil Society, and Government”

  • Muhammad Didi Hardiana, Head of Innovative Financing Lab of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Indonesia
  • Mohamad Fikri, Head of Corporate Responsibility of L’Oréal Indonesia
  • Irfan Toni Herlambang, Asia Digital Manager of 350.org

Thursday, August 12th – “Realizing Indonesia’s Blue Carbon Potential: In Response to Climate Crisis

  • Hari Prabowo, Director for Development, Economic, and Environmental Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia
  • Bustar Maitar, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EcoNusa Foundation
  • Innandya Irawan, Co-Founder dan Chief Operating Officer of CarbonEthics

Friday, August 13th – “Responding to Climate Threat: Greening Indonesia’s Economy”

Special conversation with Mercy Barends, Chair of Green Economy Caucus at the House of Representatives (DPR RI) and Agus Sari, CEO of Landscape Indonesia and Lead Author of IPCC Report Landscape Indonesia

Saturday, August 14th – “North-South Climate Change Cooperation: Accelerating Indonesia’s Climate Policy Agendas”

Pitch your climate solutions to Aziz Kurniawan, Research and Development Manager at Coaction Indonesia and Dr. Maharani Hapsari, International Relations Lecturer at Gadjah Mada University

* This event is conducted in Bahasa Indonesia.

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