World's Best Practices on Innovative Local Government Policies Forum

This program has been designed as a platform where local government officials and officials of universitieis and companies owned by local governments can receive briefings on innovative policies that have been proven successful in addressing urban challenges. The speakers are experts and local government officials from leading cities in the world with distinguished track-records in urban development.

Program Manager,
Dina Hadfina,

Corporate Policy Brief Program (CEO Forum)

This is a program in which corporate leaders receive monthly updates as well as insights on and analyses of trends in government policies. The CEOs also have an opportunity to directly ask decision makers for clarification on particular issues. More importantly, members of this corporate policy briefing program are assured of a chance to offer inputs and recommendations on Indonesian policies, especially economic policies. This program is unique because the briefing is held behind closed doors and participants are encouraged to be candid.

Program Manager
Afni Damanik,
WA: +6287888739669

FPCI Policy Briefing Group (PBG)

On a fortnightly basis, members of this program receive an exclusive online policy briefing on countries of interest to the Indo- Pacific region, and also on current issues of consequence to regional governments and business organizations. Through this program members are provided with an in-depth, focused, and high-quality policy briefing given by speakers who have mastered the subject they discuss– be they officials or experts. Each briefing lasts 60-75 minutes and consists of a 30-45 minute presentation by the speaker, followed by a question and answer session. There is one briefer for each session.

Program Manager,
Jenny Sari Winata,,
WA: +6281266391807