FPCI-GRIPS Virtual Public Forum: “Asia’s Contribution to the World: Towards Reducing Poverty and Inequality”

Dear G20 Leaders Video Competition: “COP-26 Outcomes and What’s Next for the G20 Summit”
March 1, 2022
Up-Close & Personal – A Conversation with Nobel Laureate José Ramos-Horta: “Timor Leste: Hard Lessons from the Past, High Hopes for the Future”
March 17, 2022

To showcase Asia’s strategy for solving the problems of poverty and inequality caused by the pandemic, the following questions were addressed: What is the state of poverty and inequality in Asia and globally? What is the right policy to address those issues in a time of recovery? In Asia, how effective are the recent initiatives at cooperation, including trade agreements such as RCEP and CPTPP, in addressing the issues? Dr. Dino Patti Djalal and Amb. Yutaka Iimura delivered opening remarks. Speakers were Yasuyuki Sawada, Dr. Vivi Yulaswati, Prof. Izumi Ohno.